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pineapple cake

台菜 台菜 菠蘿 臺灣 小食
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Chinese #

Cantonese #


Pronunciation ( Yale) #

fuhng lèih sōu

Wiktionary #

鳳梨酥, 鳳梨, , ,

Mandarin #


Pronunciation ( Mandarin) #

fèng lí sū

Wiktionary #

鳳梨酥, 鳳梨, , ,

Simplified #


Wiktionary #

凤梨酥, 凤梨, , ,

Description #

Pineapple cakes, small butter shortcakes with a pineapple filling, are a Taiwanese specialty. The airport shops in Taiwan are packed with pineapple cake gift boxes), but you can find them in Chinese supermarkets and bakeries (I like the ones from 85 degree cafe).

鳳梨 is pineapple, and is pastry, so 鳳梨酥 is pineapple pastry.

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