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wonton noodle soup

點心 茶餐廳 粵菜 雲吞 雲吞麵 粵菜 茶餐廳 豬肉 雲吞 點心
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Chinese #

Cantonese #


Pronunciation ( Yale) #

wàhn tān mihn

Wiktionary #

雲吞麵, 雲吞,

Mandarin #


Pronunciation ( Mandarin) #

yún tūn miàn

Wiktionary #

雲吞麵, 雲吞,

Simplified #


Wiktionary #

云吞面, 云吞,

Description #

Wonton noodle soup is a classic Cantonese comfort food, hot broth filled with boiled wonton (dumplings with shrimp and pork), thin egg noodles (al dente), and leafy vegetables.

When I visited Hong Kong on a consulting gig, one of the first questions they asked me at the office was if I liked wàhn tān mihn.

Characters #

雲吞 is wonton , and is noodles, so 雲吞麵 is wonton noodles.

References #