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pineapple bun

茶餐廳 港式 甜品 菠蘿包 港式 茶餐廳 菠蘿 甜品
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168 Market, Las Vegas, Nevada

Chinese #

Cantonese #


Pronunciation ( Yale) #

bō lòh bāau

Wiktionary #

菠蘿包, 菠蘿, , ,

Mandarin #


Pronunciation ( Mandarin) #

bō luó bāo

Wiktionary #

菠蘿包, 菠蘿, , ,

Simplified #


Wiktionary #

菠萝包, 菠萝, , ,

Description #

Bun with a sweet crunchy top in a crosshatch pattern reminiscent of a pineapple. Sometimes there is a filling, but it’s almost never pineapple - more often custard or coconut.

Characters #

菠蘿 is pineapple, and is bun, so 菠蘿包 is pineapple bun.

Add to 菠蘿 and you get the word for jackfruit 菠蘿蜜 (bō lòh maht)

References #