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Yangzhou fried rice

點心 茶餐廳 叉燒 臘腸 炒飯 炒飯 炒蛋 叉燒 揚州 臘腸 茶餐廳 點心
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Chinese #

Cantonese #


Pronunciation ( Yale) #

yèuhng jāu cháau faahn

Wiktionary #

揚州炒飯, 揚州, , , 炒飯, ,

Mandarin #


Pronunciation ( Mandarin) #

Yáng zhōu chǎo fàn

Wiktionary #

揚州炒飯, 揚州, , , 炒飯, ,

Simplified #


Wiktionary #

扬州炒飯, 扬州, , , 炒饭, ,

Description #

Yanghzhou fried rice, often listed as Yang Chow fried rice or just the restaurant’s house fried rice (or in the UK, special fried rice), is fried rice mixed with scrambled egg, shrimp and barbequed pork or Chinese sausage. The ingredients vary, but this dish is distinguished by including multiple meats, whereas most Chinese fried dishes feature a single protein (pork fried rice, chicken fried rice, shrimp fried rice…).


The city of Yanghzhou celebrated their 2500th anniversary (that’s right, 2500 years!) by assembling around 300 cooks to prepare over 9000 pounds of their namesake dish in a bid to enter the Guinness World Records as the largest serving of fried rice, but the batch was disqualified as a portion was considered inedible (at least to humans - some of it went to livestock).

Characters #

揚州 is Yangzhou, the city in China where this dish originated. 炒飯 is fried rice ( is stir-fried, and is rice), so 揚州炒飯 is Yangzhou stir-fried rice.

References #