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yi mein

茶餐廳 粵菜 粵菜 茶餐廳
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Zen Peninsula, Millbrae, California

Chinese #

Cantonese #


Pronunciation ( Yale) #

yī mihn

Wiktionary #

伊麵, ,

Mandarin #


Pronunciation ( Mandarin) #

yī miàn

Wiktionary #

伊麵, ,

Simplified #


Wiktionary #

伊面, ,

Description #

Yi mein are thick, chewy, yellow noodles, also known as long life or longevity noodles and served on birthdays.

Despite the American spelling mein pronounced like Main Street, spelling it as mien as in mean streets would be closer to the Cantonese pronunciation.

Characters #

is the surname of 伊秉绶, whose household chef, as legend has it, invented this dish by accidentally deep-frying cooked noodles.

References #