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Talk Dim Sum
Talk Dim Sum
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Talk Dim Sum originally focused on dim sum and the Cantonese language (I was working in Hong Kong and trying to learn how to order from food courts). Since then (often due to user feedback) it has expanded in cuisine (any food you might find in a Chinese eatery), language (Cantonese, Mandarin, and simplified characters), and features (search, speech-to-text practice, restaurant listing, tags, character explanations…)

To report bugs, corrections, and suggestions, you are welcome to post a review on the App Store, send email, or submit an issue to the public bug database on GitHub.


The Talk Dim Sum app icon is licensed from IconFinder. Other icons displayed within the app are Apple’s SF Symbols. The Technicat logo is designed by Dakota Snow.

The homepage icons are from FontAwesome.

The favicon was converted with

Map images of Chinese regions are from the Wikimedia Commons via the TUBS, CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

Photos used in the dish screens and AI were taken by me on many many dim sum excursions.

Open Source

This app is built with the following open source Swift packages:

AlertToast supports momentary popup messages, e.g. the restaurant info when you tap on a dish photo.

ImagePickerView is the camera or photo selector used in the AI feature (top right camera icon).

QGrid lays out the collection of thumbnail images in the top level screens.

SwiftUIPage provides the swipe left/right navigation of dish screens.

SwiftSys are portions of this app that I’ve made available as open source.

SwiftyJSON reads the Talk Dim Sum database.